Using Solar Energy for Heating

Solar energy is a relatively new technology for use in heating homes. While the concept has been around for centuries, it is only recently that it has developed a following for use in residences and commercial buildings to heat and cool.

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How It Works

Solar energy works by taking the thermal energy that is produced by the sun and transforming it into heat. That heat is then turned into water, air, or fluid. The heat is released into the entire home one through the system you choose. You even have control over how warm or cool your home is with temperature controls like you would with other heating options. For more information and to have a free home evaluation and for dependable San Diego solar companies visit Southwestern Solar. Southwestern Solar the best contacting and well made solar panels San Diego has to offer. This is the place to get the most efficient solar power San Diego has around. For more info on clean energy and local and state programs visit the governments Clean Energy website.

Types of Solar Heating

Using solar energy for your home allows it to stay warm in the winter while decreasing the cost. Solar heating is not just one system but a variety of options that you can choose from. You may have heard of solar panels that are installed in the roof. There is also an active solar heating system that uses a fan installed in the roof. Another option is solar thermal systems.

Active solar heating

This system works by having a fan placed in your roof at its highest point where it can bring in the warm air from your roof so that it can be dispersed in your home. The air is transferred through ductwork. This system provides cleaner air free of allergens.

Solar panels

With solar panels, they are also installed in your roof to bring in the heat from the sun. It is then converted into electricity for use. It also comes with an off-grid system to store this power for use when there is no sunlight.

Solar thermal systems

This type of solar energy is used for water heaters. It works by heating the water that is used instead of relying on electricity to provide the needed temperature.

These systems prove that solar energy can provide the heat needed for homes and businesses and be a low-cost option.

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